How to Enter Results
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The ability to upload results exists for Tournament Directors using the registration software. There are two scenarios, Registration and Scheduling events or Registration Only events. See below for more details, or Click Here to Download.

Registration and Scheduling Events

Results will be automatically uploaded at the conclusion of your event when using both registration and scheduling software & services. Contact us directly if you are interested in learning more.

Registration Only Events

NOTE: Duplicate results can occur if you import or add the same result more than once. Duplicates can be removed from the team results dashboard.

Results can be uploaded for each event through the 'View Results' tool located on your event dashboard. Click on the magnifying glass to access it.

Once accessed, you will be directed to the older interface in a new tab. This is temporary while the results are updated to a new interface over the season. Two options will be available.

  • Import Matches - tool to import a CSV file of matches. (recommended)

  • Add Match - tool to add matches individually.

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