How to Refund Payments
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  1. Navigate to the dashboard.

  2. At the top navigation menu, click Events > Tournament Director.

  3. Locate and click the event title.

  4. Under Participants, click Teams.

  5. Locate and click the "Team Name."

  6. Click Refund.

  7. Select the payment to refund.

  8. If the payment was made online, the options to refund Online or Offline are displayed. Select the desired option.

  9. Enter the Refund Amount.

    • If the payment was made online, check the Refund Convenience Fee box if desired.

  10. For offline refunds, enter the "Refund Check #" and any applicable "Notes."

    • Once submitted, only the refund notes can be edited.

    • An offline refund can be removed by clicking the payment > Offline Refund > Remove Refund.

  11. Click Update.

  12. Online refunds take 5-10 business days to appear on the customer's statement.

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