How to Run a Tournament Offline
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SportsEngine AES can be run locally if there is no access to the Internet or a server outage. Simply save a report from the scheduling software and post the information however is best suited to your needs.

Download a Report

  1. Access the scheduling software.

  2. Click Reports.

  3. Select the desired report type from the following.

    • Pool Sheet

    • Bracket Sheet

    • Schedule

      • NOTE: The Schedule option gives access to all rounds, teams, pools, and brackets.

  4. Download the report to post.

Post the Report

There are several ways a post may be shared, including the following:

  • Print the report and post it in a central location.

  • Upload the report to your website or a free file server (e.g., Google Sheets, Numbers) and direct participants to the URL.

  • Create a QR code to print and post in a central location.

  • Send via email or social media.

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