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How to Add a Custom Question to a Team
How to Add a Custom Question to a Team
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  1. At the top navigation menu, click Events > Tournament Director.

  2. Click the event name.

  3. Click Divisions.

  4. At the bottom right-hand, click Manage Questions.

  5. Click Add Question.

  6. Enter the question.

  7. Under Type, select Teams.

  8. Select the Response type.

    • Short and Long Text allows the user to type their response as needed.

    • Single or Multiple Fixed allows you to create pre-set answers for users to select from once the question is created.

    • "Yes/No" should be selected for straightforward questions, allowing for a simple answer.

  9. If the question is required, check the Is Required box.

  10. Click Create Question.

  11. If the Response Type is single or multiple fixed, enter the answers.

    • To reorder the answers, click the three lines icon, drag and drop as desired.

  12. Click Update.

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