What Are Power Rankings?
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No more guessing. No more what-ifs. No more complicated seedings or math. Finally, a comprehensive youth volleyball ranking system that’s definitive, easy to use and reaches nationwide.

Power Rankings is the premier seeding and ranking solution offering accuracy and simplicity. Incorporating years of data collected over hundreds of tournaments from coast to coast, this advanced system uses algorithms specific to volleyball to rank teams by several variables.


Stop guessing which team is better in your league, region or the entire nation. Power Rankings show how teams stand against the competition – even teams that have never played each other.

  • Easily see and track how you stand in comparison to other teams online.

  • Find and enter tournaments with the best teams in your region, age group or the nation.

  • Share your team’s or club’s success with friends, family and media members.

How it Works

Using cutting-edge methods, Power Rankings leverages years of historical rankings and actual tournament results to deliver the most objective and accurate rankings in youth volleyball.

  • Incorporates match data directly from SportsEngine AES and from results submitted by club, tournament, and regional directors.

  • Accounts for scores/margins of victory as well as wins to provide accurate rankings.

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