Troubleshoot Power Ranking
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Why is my Club or Team not listed in the Power Rankings?

This usually occurs when there is no data to pull from the rankings engine on Tuesday morning. If your data has been updated, it will display on the next scheduled update.

Why are my event results not showing in my Rankings event history?

Only events that use registration will display in the event history. The results display is managed by the event staff of the actual event. If the event has passed, then it is likely that the schedule has not been finalized. You can either reach out to the event staff or SportsEngine AES to review.

Why don't my total Wins/Losses match up to my event history?

The new power ranking report provides the club staff with details regarding what results were used in the generation of the Power Rankings. This report can be found under the Team Results while logged in as a club director or as a staff member with permissions. The report is located at the bottom.

Results show in my event history but are not included in my ranking record.

It's likely that the event staff did not finalize the event results in time for them to be included in the recent Power Rankings. You will need to wait until the next Rankings update for the results to be included in your ranking record.

Results were entered by an opponent.

An opponent may have reported a result that your team has not yet entered, or they may have entered a different event date than your team has entered.

  • Corrections to this can be made by Club or Team admins for manually entered results. If the error was entered by another Club or Team, please reach out to them directly.

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