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How to Add, Edit or Remove Teams
How to Add, Edit or Remove Teams
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You must have "Club Director" access to add, edit or remove a team.

NOTE: USAV Import does not import teams or roster assignments.

A team can only be removed or edited if it has not been registered to an event for the current season.

  1. Sign in to the dashboard.

  2. On the top of the screen, click Clubs.

  3. Edit, remove, or add a new team:

    • Edit - Click the desired Club Name. Edit the desired information and click Update.

    • Remove - Click the club, then click Remove Teams > Continue.

    • Add - Click Add Team, fill out the form, and click Create Team to confirm.

What is Rank?

If you have more than one team in a given age division, then rank equals the strength of the team within that division for your club. For example, if you have two 16 & Under teams, Rank "1" would be the better team within that age division. If you have only one team in a given age division the rank is ALWAYS "1".

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