Power Rankings FAQs
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Why should I use Power Rankings?

The objective of ranking teams is to ensure fair, accurate tournament seedings for all teams. If you are a good team that plays for a lesser-known club and you have the match results to back up your success, Power Rankings ensures your results and performance will speak for themselves.

Why are AES Power Rankings better than the current ranking system?

The current ranking and seeding process is manual. A list of teams is passed around to tournament directors and they have to spend hours trying to draw comparisons between each and every team.

How can a team be ranked higher than me Regionally but lower than me Nationally?

The regional rankings only include matches with other teams in the region. The national rankings include all matches and all teams in the respective age group. If a team is ranked higher regionally, they are probably performing better within that region but not outside of it. Regional matches are only included in the regional rankings because when judged against other teams in the region, those are the only matches that matter.

How do Power Rankings receive data?

Our ranking algorithm obtains match data from two sources:

  1. Directly from matches played and entered through the Scheduling Software.

  2. Matches are entered manually by club, regional, and tournament directors.

Matches will have both the win/loss outcome and a verified score of the match. For this reason, we encourage using the Scheduling Software for all of your volleyball events.

If your matches are entered manually, these matches might not have scores or accurate opponent information. For this reason, we provide tournament directors the option to use or ignore these matches when determining tournament seeding.

When are the Power Rankings updated?

Our ranking engine pulls data each Tuesday morning during the season (before 4 am EST), and the results are usually posted online the same day by 12 pm EST.

Why do Power Rankings use scores to determine rankings?

A team's margin of victory provides more insight into the team's success, skill level, and overall ranking. If one team has won all their games by one or two points, and another team has won all their games by 10 or 20 points, the team with the larger point margin will be ranked higher.

How do Scheduling and Power Rankings work together?

Matches played within the SportsEngine AES system are guaranteed to be used for seeding purposes by tournament directors. Manually imported matches might or might not be used by tournament directors in the dynamic ranking piece. To get the most value from SportsEngine AES, it’s best to use both Scheduling and Power Rankings solutions.

How do you determine the # of matches a team plays in the rankings display vs # of matches played when you click on a team and look at their match history?

We only use matches with scores for the rankings. If the matches do not have scores, they are not used. Also, if there is conflicting match information (such as who won the match or different scores entered by clubs/teams), it's thrown away. We encourage you to enter results into SportsEngine AES with scores from the team's page.

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