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How to View and Edit Your USAV Official Rosters
How to View and Edit Your USAV Official Rosters
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When member records are imported from SportsEngine HQ, they will either be matched to an existing record if one exists, or a new record will be created if no match is found.

  1. Click on USAV Official Roster within the team details to view your roster. At this time, you may select a roster assignment for any imported staff members.

  2. Add Additional Player Fields, and click Update to save added information.

    • Members MUST have Date of Birth and Gender saved in SportsEngine HQ to be imported and added to their USAV Default Roster in SportsEngine AES. A notification will be sent to SportsEngine AES if players are missing the required info.

    • USAV Official Roster assignments may only be changed in SportsEngine HQ. If you edit a roster member within Season Management, they will be updated in the USAV Official Roster in SportsEngine AES.

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