Event Tools Overview
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Event Tools are available for Tournament Directors to enable/disable when needed for each event and can be found on the bottom left navigation of each event detail.

BallerTV: only activate if you have contacted BallerTV.

Custom Team Status: create up to five (5) statuses for your own internal purposes and assign them to the teams.

  • Filters will include Custom Status'.

  • Does NOT send automatic email notifications.

  • Does NOT reflect display on the public or club status views.

  • The last default status will continue to show. i.e., if the previous status was 'Pending,' then the team will show pending on the club and public views.

  • Does not allow you to disable or delete a custom status if a team is assigned its value.

  1. Go to Event Details, and click Registration.

  2. At the bottom left, you will find a "Custom Statuses" section.

Division Override: the ability to move teams into divisions that have either reached their MAX# or do not meet the division requirements.

  • If a requirement is overridden, a validation error message occurs if the teams being changed do not meet some or all of the requirements. (i.e. older team moved to the younger division).

  • A good option when adding gender conflict teams to a division. (i.e. Add Team - boys team to a girls' division).

Event Credentials: the ability to capture the primary roster assignment for a coach who is assigned to multiple rosters.

  • The Head Coach role has priority over all staff roles and will default as a primary assignment without the option to be changed.

  • The Assistant Coach role has priority over all other roles and will default as primary, with the option to be changed.

  • A report export of all Primary assignments is available under data management.

Ok To Pay: only to be used when using online payments. By default, teams can pay online at registration, but when Ok To Pay is enabled, a team can not pay unless the team status is changed to "Ok to Pay" or "Accepted."

This feature is useful if you are not accepting online payments from teams until you approve them to submit their payment. i.e. Invitationals

Online Check-In: the ability for teams to complete check-in prior to their arrival.

  1. Under the new Online Check-In navigation, go to Divisions.

  2. Enter Content, Dates, and Roster Required Status.

A "Teams" dashboard becomes available on the left navigation, and only accepted teams will appear. Teams will receive an automatic notification if online check-in is available for one of their registered teams and a Check-In link is available next to their teams either within the team detail or My Events.

An email confirmation of the online check-in will be sent along with a PDF version of the roster they completed online check-in. If using Event Credentials, the staff total count will be unique to records needing a credential.

University Athlete: only activate if you have contacted University Athlete.

Waiver Roster Management: only available for non-USAV events at this time.

The "Waiver" checkbox allows only the tournament director to add staff or players to a roster that does not meet the roster requirements. Clubs will not have the ability to add a waiver player or staff. It is the responsibility of each event to ensure all requirements are still being met, except for which the waiver checkbox is being used.

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