What are Event Tools?
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Under Event Tools, select a different registration, team, and roster options and enable integrations.


Registration Options

  • Divisions Override: Move teams into divisions that have reached their Max # or do not meet division requirements.

    • Validation error messages will show if one or more teams do not meet some or all of the division requirements.

    • Recommended when adding gender conflict teams to a division.

  • Custom Team Status: Create up to 5 statuses for internal use. These statuses can be used in Filters and to assign teams.

    • Does not send automatic emails or reflect display on public or club status views.

    • Cannot disable or delete if a team has been assigned its value.

  • Multiple Entry Fee Option.

Teams & Rosters

  • Online Check-In: This allows teams to check in before their arrival.

  • Waiver Roster Management: Available for Non-USAV events.

    • Allows the tournament director to add staff or players who do not meet roster requirements to a roster.

  • OK to Pay: Available when online payments are being used.

    • When enabled, teams cannot pay unless the team status is set to “OK to Pay” or “Accepted.”

    • Useful for Invitationals.

  • Event Credentials: Capture the primary roster assignment for coaches assigned to multiple rosters.

    • The Assistant Coach role is given priority over other roles and will default as primary.

    • A report of all primary assignments is available under Data Management.


  • Baller TV

    • Only activate if you have contacted Baller TV.

  • University Athlete


Tournament directors can enter results using Registration & Scheduling Events or Registration Only events.

Import Matches

NOTE: Duplicate results can occur when importing or adding the same result more than once. Duplicates can be removed. Only registered and accepted teams will import.

Before you begin importing, ensure that your team codes are accurate and that your import file is saved as a .CSV. Do not report tie-breaking matches/scores - these are used to determine pool ranking.

  1. From the Event Dashboard, click Results.

  2. Click Import Results.

  3. Click Choose File.

  4. Find the file saved to your computer, and click Open.

  5. Click Import.

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