How to Use Online Check-In
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For Tournament Directors

Enable Online Check-In

Upon Online Check-In, you may verify rosters and review team questions' answers.

  1. At the top navigation menu, click Events > Tournament Director.

  2. Click the event name.

  3. Click Events.

  4. Click Tools.

  5. Check the Online Check-In box.

    • A new Online Check-In navigation section will appear on the left side of your event details.

  6. Click Details to configure the online check-in settings for each division.

  7. Enable the Roster and Team Questions Verification.

    • Clubs completing the online check-in will be presented with the verification to ensure they can only proceed once they meet the minimum requirements.

Online Check-in Rules

To ensure online check-in is visible to clubs and teams:

  1. Current day needs to be between the open and close dates.

  2. Team status must be "accepted."

NOTE: Tournament directors can view a dashboard under Teams that displays who has completed online check-in.

For Club Directors

Club directors will see a modal during the online check-in process that includes all the details they entered during configuration.

Upon completing the online check-in, the club director receives a copy of the message, including a saved PDF version of the roster.

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