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How to Assign Permissions
How to Assign Permissions
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You must have "Club Director" access in order to do this.

NOTE: One role is required.

A user with an Invite link will allow you to send an email for them to claim their profile. A user without an Invite link means they have already claimed their profile.

You can not reset a username or password for a user. The user must use their tools within their logged-in profile or use the 'Forgot Password'.

The permissions available are:

  • Tournament Director - access to all tournament tools.

  • Club Director - access to all club tools.

  • Club Staff - access to only enter team results.

  • Club Player - access to update their profile only.

  • Official - access to all official tools, including event registration and contacting tourney staff.

  • Check-In Staff - access to event check-in only.

To assign permissions:

  1. Sign in to AES.

  2. Click Clubs.

  3. On the left-hand side, under Members, choose User Management.

  4. Check the Roles box as desired.

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