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USAV Roster Validation Errors
USAV Roster Validation Errors
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NOTE: If you believe any of these validation errors are incorrect, please run a new USAV Import. If you are still running into these issues, please contact support to assist with any corrections within your USAV MMS.

Common Roster Validations

  • Validation: Rostered members must be verified by USAV.

    • Description: Rostered member is missing a USAV membership record in AES.

  • Validation: No eligible USAV membership for a particular role.

    • Description: Roster members may have an eligible USAV membership, but the assigned role requires a different membership type. Memberships may also exist in SportsEngine and need to be updated in AES.

  • Validation: USAV membership expires before the event's end date.

    • Description: When USAV memberships are required to participate on an event roster, members must have an active membership for the event.

  • Validation: Roster members who are 18 years or older before the event end date must have a membership that requires SafeSport.

    • Description: Adults who participate as staff members on event rosters must have completed SafeSport. Certain USAV memberships require a SafeSport Certification to be fully eligible.

  • Validation: Membership not assigned to the club.

    • Description: Rostered member is missing a club assignment on their membership.

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