How to Register for an Event
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You must have "Club Director" access to register for an event.

  1. Sign in to the dashboard.

  2. On the top of the screen, click Clubs.

  3. In the list, find and click the desired club name.

  4. Use the filters to locate an event.

    • Use the red plus sign ( + ) to view additional details about the event.

  5. By the event you want to register for, click Register.

    • NOTE: If an event deadline has passed, you may see the option to register late.

  6. To begin the registration, choose the Select Division button next to a team.

  7. After you select a team, choose a division from what is available.

  8. From the Team you have selected, click Build Roster or Continue without Roster.

    • NOTE: Not all events will offer registration without a roster.

  9. Complete all roster requirements.

    • A save and finalize later is now available and allows to come back to complete the registration at a later time. Please note that this does not save your registration spot. Once registration has been closed or the max amount of teams accepted, you will not be able to complete registration.

  10. Continue to register more teams, or complete the registration by clicking Register Teams(s).

  11. A registration summary is provided.

  12. To access payment options and forms, click Continue.

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