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How to Manage Event Registrations
How to Manage Event Registrations
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You must have "Club Director" access to view status, update your roster, pay, or check on an existing registration.

  1. Sign in to the dashboard.

  2. On the top of the screen, click Clubs.

  3. In the list, find and click the desired Club Name.

  4. On the navigation page under Events, click My Events.

  5. Choose the team for any event to manage.

    • View Status: Look at the Accepted column on the report to view the status of the team.

    • Update Roster: Click on the Roster link to update. Rosters can only be updated up to the posted roster deadline. Contact the event directly after the deadline.

    • Online Payments: Payment options will be provided if enabled.

    • Mail-In Payments: Download and print the entry form to mail in your payment. The mailing address is available on the entry form.

    • Forms: Select Entry Forms or Rosters on the bottom right.

    • Division Changes: Contact the event staff.

    • Cancellations: Contact the event staff.

Contacting Event Staff

Each event's contact information can be found in the registration summary, email confirmation, and event details.

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