How to Run USAV Import
Updated over a week ago

NOTE: This USAV Import tool is currently only available for USAV-affiliated junior clubs. If you are a USAV adult club, you can add your players and staff either manually or through a CSV import. Once those players and staff are added, you will be able to manually verify them.

Once you’ve added your SportsEngine Integration, you can run a USAV Import to import any and all USAV-verified players and staff. After an import is complete, you can review who was imported, who was potentially updated, and who wasn’t imported.

  1. Add your SportsEngine Integration on your Club Details > Info page.

  2. Under Data Management > Import, select USAV Import.

  3. Click Import.

On this page, you will have the ability to click on a Contact USAV button to connect directly with USAV. If there are members that fail to import that you believe should, feel free to contact support by selecting Need Help? in the bottom left-hand corner and selecting Contact Us.

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