How to Create a New Event
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NOTE: To create an event, you will need to have the Tournament Director – Add Event privilege AND have event billing enabled.

To create a new event, you will need to fill out the form, taking care to enter all required information in each of the following sections. You can click the section from the left tabs or scroll through the form to enter your information.

  1. When creating a new event, you will need to fill out the following sections:

    • Details

      • The Event Class you choose will determine what Event Types are available to you.

      • Selecting “JVA” or “USAV” will require you to select your District/Region.

      • The location should be the name of the place the tournament is being held, i.e., Orange County Convention Center.

    • Scheduling

      • If using the Scheduling Software, click YES.

    • Payments

      • If you collect payments online, you will be directed to configure an online payment option.

    • Deadlines

      • Enter your Registration Open/Close Dates & Times, Late Registration Date & Fee, Roster Options, and Roster Deadlines.

      • Registration Close Date must be on or after the Late Registration Date.

      • Roster Requirement Options are your choice - can specify to allow a roster to enter the event or to be accepted to the event.

      • Roster Deadlines are usually the same as the event start date.

    • Registration

      • Choose the visibility of the team to your preference. This is what the public can see.

      • Enable all three notification checkboxes.

      • Do not select “Allow Team Deletion” unless you want to allow teams to remove registration without contacting you first.

      • If allowing Officials Registration, enable Official Registration.

      • Event Start Date must be on or after the Registration Ends Date.

    • Travel & Hotels

      • By signing up for or logging in to a Lucid Travel account, you can automatically offer hotel deals and define how much you will earn.

    • Store Apparel

      • If you're setting up an online store for this event, select Yes, and enter the SquadLocker store URL.

    • Policies

      • By selecting "Yes," you can enter your event policy, info, roster disclaimer, and notes, which will appear on the Event Info Page.

      • Notes appear on the event information page, confirmation page & email, and printed entry form.

  2. Click Create Event to proceed.

  3. If you have chosen to accept payment online, fill out the online payments form as desired. If needed, create a new stripe account to collect payments.

  4. When satisfied, click Update.

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