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How to Integrate SportsEngine AES & SportsEngine HQ Clubs
How to Integrate SportsEngine AES & SportsEngine HQ Clubs
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NOTE: This integration is currently only available for USAV-affiliated junior clubs. If you are an AAU or JVA club, you will still want to import using either the AAU import tool or CSV import.

Junior clubs that are affiliated with USAV have the ability to integrate their SportsEngine HQ USAV MMS data into AES.

  1. Sign in to SportsEngine AES and the club page.

  2. Under Club Details in the left-hand menu, click Info.

  3. Click the Add SportsEngine Integration button at the top left of the Club page.

  4. Confirm the Club integration with the SportsEngine HQ below by clicking Save.

    • If you are an admin to multiple SportsEngine clubs, be sure you're integrating the correct club.

    • If you do not see your organization, make sure you are currently logged into AES with an account that has access to SportsEngine HQ. If you are correctly logged in and do not see your organization, please choose Contact Support, and our support team will be happy to assist.

    • Note: You must be logged into the account that is assigned as an Organization Administrator to integrate an organization. If you have two accounts or recently have merged SportsEngine accounts, please contact support for assistance.

    • Once your SportsEngine HQ Club Integration has been added, you can add your Season Management Integration. This option will appear to the right of your SportsEngine Integration.

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