USAV Adult Clubs Overview
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Adding a New Adult Club to SportsEngine AES

NOTE: Club type cannot be adjusted after your club is created.

  1. Click HERE to add a new club.

  2. Add the "Club Name," "Club Code," and "USAV Affiliation."

  3. Select Adult Volleyball under club type.

Adding Teams

Once your club has been added, you can begin to add your teams.

  1. Navigate to Club Details > Teams.

  2. Click Add Team.

Adding Players and Staff

Import players and staff using a CSV import or manually add them under Members > Players or Members > Staff. Once the players are added, take the same steps to add staff.

  • To add players and staff via import, follow the instructions under Data Management > Import > CSV Import.

  • To add players and staff manually:

    1. Navigate to Members > Players.

    2. Click Add Player.

    3. Fill out the player's information.

    4. Once a player is added, click Verify USAV Membership on their player profile.

When adding players and staff, be sure to have the correct name spelling, DOB, and gender that match their USAV membership data. If this data differs from what USAV has on file, it will not verify their membership.

If you have trouble verifying an adult player or staff member, please contact support, as this user may have a duplicate profile that has already been verified with USAV.

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