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FAQs – Quick answers to common questions

Club Directors

I am having trouble logging in:

Click Sign In from the SportsEngine AES homepage, then enter the email address associated with your account and click Next. On the password screen, click Forgot and follow the password reset instructions.

I have a new club and would like to use SportsEngine AES. Where do I start?

Click here to download easy instructions that will have you up and running in no time.

My 5-letter club code is already being used. Do I need to create a new one with each new account?

No. If your club is already set up in SportsEngine AES, there is no need to create a new account. The system only allows one unique club code per region. If you’d like, SportsEngine AES can reset the login and password assuming the same club director or, if we have written (email) permission, reset completely if the director is no longer associated with the club.

I am logged into my club, but my players and staff are not on their respective lists:

  • USA Volleyball-Affiliated Clubs – the easiest way to pull member data into SportsEngine AES is by integrating the SportsEngine AES Clubs and pairing your Season Management teams or importing verified players and staff. If an error is received when pairing teams or the import skips players/staff, please reach out to Support.

  • USAV Volleyball Adult Clubs – SportsEngine AES is working toward a solution that will soon integrate with SportsEngine HQ. Until then, add players and/or staff manually to SportsEngine AES, or use the import feature. Follow the instructions and view a sample import file under each user type (i.e., staff/player).

  • AAU-Affiliated Clubs – the easiest way to pull member data into SportsEngine AES is by clicking the AAU Data Import and entering your AAU club code and MembershipID. ALL active players and staff in AAU’s database will pull directly into SportsEngine AES. If a player or staff does not appear, check with AAU’s office to ensure they are active, as sometimes players or staff are still in process. We recommend following up with AAU directly for most AAU Data Import questions.

  • JVA – Add players and/or staff manually or use the import feature on respective pages. Follow the instructions and a sample import file under each user type (i.e. staff/player).

I cannot delete a team or change its details?

Teams cannot be deleted and/or the details cannot be changed once a team has been registered for an event.

What does ‘Rank’ mean when creating a team in SportsEngine AES?

If you have more than one team in a given age division, rank equals the strength of the team within that division. For example, if you have two 16 and Under teams, Rank 1 would be the better team within that age division. If you only have one team in a given age division, the rank is ALWAYS 1.

How can I change my username and/or password?

Log in, select your username on the top right, click My Info, and change your login. For security purposes, your password must be 8 characters. Username is NOT case-sensitive, but password is.

Why are some results pre-loaded to SportsEngine AES and others not?

If a tournament in which you’ve played uses SportsEngine AES scheduling software, results are automatically imported into SportsEngine AES for each team. If the event does not use AES SportsEngine for scheduling, a club director or coach can add the results manually or import them using the sample CSV file. If an event uses SportsEngine AES for scheduling but not registration, results are not automatically imported and will need to be added manually or imported. In some situations, events using SportsEngine AES registration may upload results on your behalf.

I do not know the team code for the team(s) I played:

Contact the tournament director, the club, or use SportsEngine AES’ add a results search function to look up a team code.

How do I enter an event? Click here and follow the instructions in the document.

How do I unregister from an event? You will need to contact the event staff for the event which you registered. Contact information for the event staff can be found on the registration confirmation email or by viewing the event details page on SportsEngine AES. SportsEngine AES staff cannot remove a team from an event.

SportsEngine AES Power Ranking Questions? Please visit https://advancedeventsystems.com/rankings/about

Tournament Directors

How can I learn more about how SportsEngine AES can help me simplify tournament creation and management and cut costs?

Contact SportsEngine AES to arrange a conference call in which we’ll tell you about the services we provide and walk you through the cost structure per service offering.

How does SportsEngine AES scheduling software work?

SportsEngine AES software is specifically designed to help you schedule a first-class tournament. Download it to your PC, and our support experts will walk you through everything to ensure you’re fully comfortable using the tool.

How do results appear on the SportsEngine AES site so fast?

Once a score/result is entered into the software, the director sets the time interval to update the website. Results are posted behind the scenes, requiring no manual step for onsite personnel.

How do I find schedules for each event?

Visit www.advancedeventsystems.com/events. If the event is not yet posted, it will soon be. Some factors that cause delayed schedule posting are team drops, court changes, seeding, postings at various times, etc. Tournament directors drive the postings, and SportsEngine AES helps by doing everything we can to ensure they are posted as desired.

An incorrect score was entered and posted online. How can I fix this?

While we have several systems in place to ensure accurate data input, mistakes occasionally happen. Please Contact Us and fill out the form with the event name, division, teams playing, and current score or rank. SportsEngine AES will forward this information to the tournament director.

Hotel Reservations

Am I able to quickly view which hotels have rooms available with cost per night?

Yes, click Hotels, click on Event Name, and click Room Availability for each hotel of interest.

What role does the hotel director play?

Each event that uses SportsEngine AES’ hotel management functionality has a hotel director who functions as your point of contact. He or she is responsible for all facets of the reservation process, and it is important you contact him/her – and NOT the hotel directly or SportsEngine AES – with any questions or issues. You can find your hotel director information by clicking on Hotels and then on the Event Name. The hotel director appears at the top of the page along with contact information. You can also contact your hotel director after logging into your reservation.

Is the reservation number my confirmation number?

No, your reservation number is used to track your reservation through our system. Once the hotel(s) get your reservation, we will send you a confirmation number.

How do I get other people in my group to give you their credit card information to guarantee their particular room?

For groups (prior to the group date) and for individuals (prior to individual date), you can forward them the confirmation email you receive. With that, they can go to www.advancedeventsystems.com and click on Hotels and the Manage Existing Reservation link. They will need your email address and your reservation #. After the SportsEngine AES registration cut-off dates, they may need to call the housing director or hotel directly to make any changes. Changes will not be accepted after cancellation/change date.

Will people in my group see my or anyone else’s credit card #?

No. People logging in only see the last four numbers of the credit card. Everything else is obscured.

How do I add my rooming list or credit card information?

For groups (prior to due dates) and for individuals (prior to due dates), you can go to www.advancedeventsystems.com and click on Hotels and the Manage Existing Reservation link. You will need your email address and reservation #.

I called the hotel, and they do not have any record of me. What do I do?

The hotels will not have any of your information until after the due dates have been completed. You will not be in their system until then. All questions and changes must be made online, through e-mail, or by calling the hotel director and not through the hotels.

Generic Housing Questions

  • When is my rooming list due?

  • When do I get my confirmation number?

  • Is the hotel going to charge my credit card?

  • How do I add, edit, or change room details after the deadline has passed?

  • What is the cancellation policy?

  • How do I make a cancellation?

  • How do I change the check-in/checkout date?

  • Will I get charged if I cancel my reservation?

We recommend referencing your confirmation email, confirmation page, and/or the description or cancellation policy for the given event. If you still have questions, contact the hotel director via email or phone. Contact information for the hotel director can be found within your original confirmation email or by logging into your Reservation Summary through the existing reservation login. An additional tool within the existing reservation page allows you to submit questions or requests directly to the housing director.

If you do not have access to your confirmation email and/or do not have your reservation login, then the best way to find hotel contact information will be on the hotel booking process for the event. Go to https://www.advancedeventsystems.com/hotels and click on the event to view contact details on the top right.


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